Friday, October 25, 2019

Molecular Time

In the molecule of a minute so much
is impossible to believe something
so little is so full, whole, holy.

It's a natural progression from
full to whole to holy for me
the fullness of time a sure sign of divinity.

Which by its nature, presence demands,
commands all logic to be dropped,
metaphor picked up and the flame of the heart lit,

the burning tongues of Pentecost
must be where they belong --
the inner regions where song is made

and dance is danced and water turned
to wine every day and resurrections
occurring even as we speak.

In the molecule of the moment
all this and -- yes, of course love --
is occurring.  No wonder we need

bread and wine to sustain
us in the presence of one another
where we can be who we are.

-Byron Hoot

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