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Ultimate Beginners Guide to Bacon, The Presidency, and Getting Rich!

Words have power.  
The ultimate responsibility of any writer is to maintain a sacred awareness of the power of words.  Great Power. And in the words of Spiderman’s uncle Ben Parker, (as written by the late, great Stan Lee):
“With great power comes great responsibility.”
When you think about it, all the world’s problems involve words, and all the potential solutions to those problems require words.  All the world’s ugliness and beauty are words. What about a picture, you say?  Well, a picture is equivalent to a thousand words. The mature, enlightened writer will accept the mantle that words have the pre-eminent power to make the world a better place or add to the green slime.  
You’ll agree we’ve had about enough of the green slime?  As a writer, we think before we write. Or, at least I hope so! We hesitate, because we know and have been on the receiving end of powerful words. Words from both “ends.”  
If you believe in God, then you believe words communicated to you through the hand of …

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