Saturday, June 29, 2019

We, the People

If government is not to help
the people it is, what's
a government for?
                       "We, the People"
is pretty clear.  The language has not,
should not change.
Who cannot say "We the People"
have been cast  adrift?
Who cannot recognize that corporations 
have become more valuable 
than individuals?

                       And still we beat
the drum for those who can't
lead us.

            Our expectations
and our realities of leadership
are schizophrenic:  we are sick 
with emptiness  and think someone
else can make us well.

Our government is a servant --
those we elect have forgotten this:
only we can remind them of the
error of their ways and stop
our own insanity of false praise
for what we'd reprimand
                                   our children for.

-Byron Hoot
Stained Glass Writers of Punxsutawney 

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